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The Care Leavers’ Foundation was founded  in December 1999 by 3 people who each put five pounds in the centre of the table as a beginning to the emerging concept for a significant national fund to be set up for care leavers.It would act in place of "the bank of absent mum and dad". The simple idea, that this fund would make grants to care leavers, was based on one overarching principle; that if a reasonable parent would help out in the situation described, then so would we.

Since then The Foundation has achieved national recognition and made grants to hundreds of care leavers.

Whilst the primary purpose of the foundation remains that of making grants to care leavers below the age of 30, who have no recourse to statutory funding or other sources of support, our involvement in the wider sector, specifically influencing policy where we can to create real change for future care leavers, has also become a significant part of our activity.

The Foundation leads and coordinates National Care Leavers’ Week, established in 2002, engages regularly with the Department for Education and other Government Departments on areas of policy affecting care leavers, and through its campaigning partnerships has been the catalyst for achieving small but significant changes at a national level, including the first ever
statement from a Government Minister defining the minimum acceptable amount which should be paid to care leavers when they set up their first home.

Originally called The Bryn Melyn Group Foundation in recognition of Brendan McNutt’s Bryn Melyn Organisation which provided the resources and concept for the launch of the charity, The Care Leavers’ Foundation was renamed in 2008 for easier public recognition of its purpose and UK wide scope.
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