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>>>>26 October 2015 - NATIONAL CARE LEAVERS’ WEEK: DO YOU MIND?  22-30 OCTOBER 2015 Trailblazing Local Authorities are showing National Government the way READ RELEASE

>>>>7 April 2015 - CARE LEAVERS MEET CABINET OFFICE Care leavers becaome the first public group to be invited to  address the Social Justice Committee which sits within the Cabinet Office and is responsible for Government's Strategy for Care  Leavers  read more 

>>>>27 March 2014 - LIVERPOOL COUNCIL becomes the latest signatory to the Care Leavers' Charter. This formally took place at the Corporate Parenting Board on 25th March 2014 where the charter was signed by the Chief Executive, the Director for Children Services, the Lead Member for children and Chair of the Children in Care Council

7  March 2014 Children's Minister Edward Timpson announces one hundred and twenty-three Councils in England have now signed Care Leavers' Charter.   Read
DfE Press release and view full list of Council signatories

National Care Leavers’ Week
2013 – The First Decade officially launches 24 October 2013


The first ever Government Strategy for Care Leavers is set to be released at the NCLW Annual
Conference on 29 October



>>>>Today is the NCLW Annual Conference focussing on progress on the Access All Areas campaign led by The Care Leavers' Foundation, The Prince's Trust, Catch22-NCAS and A NAtional Vocie. Children's Minister Edward Timpson will give the keynote address in which he will announce the first Cross Government strategy for care leavers read press release
open pdf download word READ MINISTER'S speech and VIEW STRATEGY or DfE PRESS RELEASE
now available online....

SCIE care leavers oral history project with The British Library. Further to the launch of this video archive last week sample inteviews and overview of project now available to
view online

just missed.....

Thursday 24th October

One Year On launch event hosted by Barnardo's and SCIE to review the impact of The Charter for Care Leavers' referred to by Children's Minister Edward Timpson as a 'Bond of Trust'. Powerful presentations and short films from care leavers and Julie Lewis from Cheshire East spoke about the real practical things they had done including a commitment to make an HE payment of £2,000 each year to care leaver undergraduates and increase settgin up home grant to £3,000

Thursday 24th October

The Howard League for Penal Reform launches a new policy examining the situation of young care leavers in the criminal justice system. Every day we will launch a new blog by one of our Young Advisors about being looked after and leaving care.
Twitter @U_R_Boss To get involved contact Lucy Russell, Senior Campaigns Co-ordinator – U R Boss, The Howard League for Penal Reform 

Thursday 24th October

At midKent college student and care leaver Shane McCaffery promoted National Care Leavers' Week as part of Buttle's campaign to rasie awareness of the Charter Mark for FE and HE establishments which supports educational institutions to necome more effective in providing both access and support to care leavers who want to retuen to study. Shane is a member of the Ministers' Care Leavers' Group. View Shane's presentation or read article on midKent College's ezine.    

Thursday 24th October

New Belongings authority Sheffield City Council held an Education to Employment seminar attended by 20 organisations working to support skills development. Presentations were given by young care leavers who spent yesterday workshopping discussions about their expeirneces of school, college and employment and other presentations were given by NCAS Care2Work team and representatives of Sheffield's Performance Throughcare Team 

Thursday 24th October

The Office of the Local Government Ombusman sent us a copy of the first edition of CYP Issues published this week   with a note that many of the issues are relevant  to care leavers.
View a copy, or contact LGO if you want to sign up to receive regular copies.

Wednesday 23rd October

Launch of Henrietta Bond's new teen novel Reomote Control at Todmorden library with guest speakers, local care leaver author Ben Ashcroft and Youth Worker Jade Aitken. "There were several retired social workers in the audience who couldn’t believe that things hadn’t significantly improved since their day… But Jade also gave out some very positive messages and I think we finished on a very good note about what care leavers can achieve"
Wednesday 23rd October

Publsihed today : SCOTLAND Housing Options Protocol for Care Leavers, Guidance for Corporate Parents: Improving housing and accommodation outcomes for Scotland’s care leavers. Staying Put Scotland Providing care leavers with Connectedness and Belonging.

Wednesday 23rd October

New Belongings pilot authority Sheffield holds its own launch event to mark the commencement of their involvement in this exciting and innovative project which is led by The Care Leavers' Foundation. National project team members came together with the Sheffield team to ensure everyone was left in no doubt that Sheffield intends to make a big impact with this project. Care Leaver panellist Matthew Langsford said
"with the skills, knowledge and experience of the whole Project Team I believe we can make the project a success in Sheffield and the other pilot regions to create the Gold Standard for Leaving Care Services across the whole country"     

Tuesday 22nd October

A highly successful consultation event Steps to Success was helpd today by the Prince's Trust. Care leavers involved in this event will be presenting their findings at the main National Care Leavers' Week conference Access All Areas, to be held on 29 October [see
programme page for full details]  
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